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I'm a hack, an idiot, a no-talent, rotten, piece of shit.

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#1 whatever man

whatever man
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Posted 31 October 2009 - 08:05 AM


This guy is convinced that he is some kind of deity or something? He's banging on about string tension in regard to standard string sets, saying that the heavier strings need more tension than the standard sets provide. I have to admit that I agree with him - in that I have almost always used the light-top/heavy-bottom sets, as they just feel better to me (I love my low strings chunky and with plenty of tension).

If you can make it through this whole first page, you're either extremely bored or you've just done a bunch of meth.


The man has a point, but the rant is lulz.
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#2 Guest_pervasive roach threat_*

Guest_pervasive roach threat_*
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Posted 31 October 2009 - 09:23 AM

Cubicism, Not group theory.
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You do not have the freedom
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You are educated singularities.
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You are educated singularity
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occur simultaneously with a
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See www.abovegod.com
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How evil unto their mothers.
Singularity educators are evil
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Educator evil is to ignore Time
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Singularity educators are evil
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Ignorant of Nature's Harmonic
4 Day Time Cube Creation, the
Americans are Dumb, Educated
Singularity Stupid and Evil. It's
not immoral to kill Americans
sex parents who Created them,
but instead worship a queer
jew who claims to make people
out of dirt - when the body is 90
percent water. A God so stupid
that he claims only a single day
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Cubic Wisdom has allowed me
to create 4 simultaneous days
within a single Earth rotation.
Americans do not deserve life.
They live only for today, the
evil singularity word bastards.


also i would agree that light top heavy bottom sets are great :pardon:
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#3 whatever man

whatever man
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  • From:1974

Posted 31 October 2009 - 09:30 AM

Ernie Ball did 9/11:116, I hold IRREFUTABLE PROOF.
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TL;DR - 10-46 string sets just don't feel right to me
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#4 tremulants

  • umbiciles
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Posted 31 October 2009 - 09:32 AM

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#5 whatever man

whatever man
  • umbiciles
  • 2747 posts
  • From:1974

Posted 31 October 2009 - 09:34 AM

Nah, needs more second amendment/guns.
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#6 autodidact



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  • Nemesis:light, happiness

Posted 31 October 2009 - 12:22 PM

ha! i love it. he's like the maddox of guitars. i kinda want to try those because he makes a good point.
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#7 whatever man

whatever man
  • umbiciles
  • 2747 posts
  • From:1974

Posted 31 October 2009 - 01:09 PM

He does indeed. A few guys on another forum I post on have bought some of his strings and so far, the reviews seem pretty positive. Looking forward to hearing a few more reviews before I decide whether or not to try them myself.

Going to have to do something with the sperzel locking tuners on my PRS though. I tune way the hell down (C or drop A#) and currently use a 54 as my low string as the tuner will not accept anything bigger. Going to either have to replace it or modify it, because I've been wanting a fatter low string for a while now. Something like a 60 would probably get me there with reasonable string tension... but until I have a tuner that will accept a string that big, I can't try it.

He's clearly quite crazy very passionate about his work.
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#8 tremulants

  • umbiciles
  • 4175 posts

Posted 31 October 2009 - 04:49 PM

The more tired I get, the more this dude makes perfect sense to me.
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#9 Ender


    Your Dad

  • umbiciles
  • 3242 posts

Posted 01 November 2009 - 05:09 AM

yea read this last night while very very tired, and seemed to make more sense than right now. I was told the way the strings were originally designed were to be more ergonomic for how your fingers played chords, because different fingers were strongs are on certain strings for certain chords, and it was this configuration that usually made the most sense for most chord shapes. I used to use some custom gauge strings, but have in the past year or so just gone back to 10-46 and been pretty happy with it. maybe ill try this guy out heh.
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#10 Guest_koreasilver_*

  • Guests

Posted 02 November 2009 - 12:56 AM

Oh hey, he sells 11 flatwound sets with a plain third. I think I just might buy a couple of sets off this guy because I've been looking for flatwound sets with a plain third for fucking forever.

His rant makes sense. I wish he would format his website better because it makes me want to kill myself going through it sometimes.
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#11 Ender


    Your Dad

  • umbiciles
  • 3242 posts

Posted 02 November 2009 - 01:55 AM

the format of his website is far more offensive and illogical than the standards for string tension
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#12 moac

  • umbiciles
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  • From:raleigh, north carolina

Posted 03 November 2009 - 01:33 AM

all i know is those guitars he makes are fucking hideous
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#13 Ender


    Your Dad

  • umbiciles
  • 3242 posts

Posted 03 November 2009 - 08:17 AM

haha yea, terrible guitar designs.

i can't help but feel that he is right about the string tension though.

im at least interested to try it out. im not going to buy his strings though, im just going to buy individual strings.

also i like how he thinks he is some genius for thinking this stuff through, its pretty simple physics for getting those string tensions, so simple in fact that i almost think the string companies have already thought about it and have a reason for not making it more common.

i would love to see what a big string company would have to say in response to his site.
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#14 ryanunser


    Niggas, Flies & You

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  • From:Greensboro, VT

Posted 17 November 2009 - 01:49 AM

Anybody from here get around to trying these things?
I was thinking about getting his bass strings...
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#15 Guest_koreasilver_*

  • Guests

Posted 17 November 2009 - 02:40 AM

I'm thinking of ordering some strings from him when I have the money to do so. He's the only person I've ever found that sells flatwound packs with an unwound 3rd. The prices for his strings are pretty damn good too, so even with shipping costs and currency conversion I will still have saved a bit of money for potentially better strings.
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#16 DeepArcher

  • RainbowWarrior
  • 6262 posts

Posted 30 November 2009 - 12:02 AM

i actually disagree with the light top/heavy bottom ideology
puts too much stress on the neck, imo
i use lights all across
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#17 whatever man

whatever man
  • umbiciles
  • 2747 posts
  • From:1974

Posted 30 November 2009 - 09:22 AM

Someone didn't read the blurb ;)

Light top, heavy bottom string sets actually DO have more consistent tension across the neck. That's the whole point of this thread. Standard sets have more tension on the treble side. As for too much tension on the neck - lol - there are people out there playing SGs (very thin necked guitar) with a 60 low E tuned to standard...

The neck is only under "too much stress" if the string tension exceeds what the truss rod is capable of relieving, otherwise it's all good.

I have just finished stringing up my Ibanez S320 as a baritone with 12-68, and it seems to be handling the gauge and tuning very nicely. Seriously thinking of ordering a few sets of this guy's baritone strings for it to see how they go.
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#18 McGuyver

  • umbiciles
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Posted 05 December 2009 - 06:59 AM

Wow that guy had some epic stuff on there. I see his point about how the tensions are all out of whack on most strings, but I don't think his scientific (10) theory had many testable trials there (0), I imagine he tested a couple different brands on maybe two different guitars, and said "They're all shit!". This was funny

If you are looking for Guitar or Bass Strings by, Ernie Ball, GHS, D'Addario, DR, SIT, Fender, Gibson, RotoSound, Elixir, Dean Markley or whatever. They all make the exact same gauges and they are all wrong. Do they care? NO. Do you care? I hope so.
Those other brands unfortunately are all the same and they all make the same mistake. They are all wrong, the gauges and tensions are incorrect and not optimized.
Zachary Optimum Gauges (ZOG) are the only correct strings you can get.

Does he realize that DR uses the same technique he's talking about? Using more mass for the same wire guage... lollerskates. Sounds a lot like he's just twisting his words for a bunk fallacy on his debate.

I use DR Medium-Tite 10s on my semi-hollow, they have a pretty consistent tension across the board, they're all about the same for bending tension-wise which I like.

They're really the one ones I've used but I have played on plenty of others, I've never cared for any of them. The DRs seem to have a very thick bottom but still have a nice smooth top.

, space age materials, colored strings, some freeze them and claim to change the molecular composition, and now the craze with condom covered strings and on and on. They are desperate to come up with something new ... The string sets you buy at the store are a bunch of mindless snake oil products with the incorrect tensions.

Hahahaha, this guy is too much. Has anyone ever see any of that highlighted shit, and what the hell is with the second part? I don't see any companies wasting their production money on it.
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#19 Guest_koreasilver_*

  • Guests

Posted 05 December 2009 - 08:17 AM

His crazy bolded parts are what makes his site interesting imo. He makes a good point and the prices for his strings are pretty good, so I can turn a blind eye to his insanity.

Besides, he's the only person I've found that sells flatwound strings with a plain third.
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#20 Ender


    Your Dad

  • umbiciles
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Posted 05 December 2009 - 03:59 PM

I wonder where he orders his strings from.

surely he isnt winding them himself.
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